November/December 2015

Issue: 6/2015: November/December 2015

Topic Overiew (Excerpt):

  • 40th Anniversary: Gardaland Celebrates!
  • Triple Launch Coaster for Lake Compounce
  • 2016: Six Flags Mixes the New with the Tried-&-True
  • Romon U - The New Mega-Park in Ningbo
  • Questions to Ralph Douw, CEO & Creative Director at Emotion Media Factory
  • Swiss Mega Park: In Search of New Sporting Trends
  • Fun Arena with a New Laser Attraction
  • A New Trio for Istralandia
  • HolstenTherme: More space, more light & more warmth
  • "Islands" Opens at Chester Zoo
  • EXPO Milan 2015
  • German Garden Shows and What Truly Remains...
  • VDFU 2015 Summer Meeting
  • EAS 2015 - Thank you, Liseberg!
  • The Free-Flight Adventure: Rollercoaster Ziplines
Special Features

Romon U-Park

In June this year one of the world's largest indoor parks was opened in the Chinese metropolis of Ningbo. One of the park's main attractions are two spectacular multimedia shows produced by Emotion Media Factory ...

Rollercoaster Zipline

In recent years "ziplines" have established as outdoor fun features at climbing parks and high-ropes courses. In comparison to normal zipline rides the new "rollercoaster zipline" trend promises an even more thrilling experience ...


This past spring Germany's HolstenTherme thermal spa facility completed its largest municipal construction project to date. The city invested 2.7 million Euros into renovating, optimizing and enlarging the "Carribean of the North" ...

Chester Zoo

The largest and most ambitious zoo project in the history of the United Kingdom opened at Chester Zoo in northwestern England's Cheshire County this past mid-July with the premier of the new theme area, "Islands" ...