01 Sep 2021

Deutschland: Europa-Park wird Namensgeber für neues Fußballstadion

With the construction of a new stadium, Germany’s SC Freiburg soccer club is stepping torwards a new sportive future supported by its long-term partner Europa-Park. The future home stadium of the SC Freiburg, which will offer space for 34,700 fans, will bear the name of “Europa-Park Stadion“ and will thus probably be the first sports stadium sponsored by a leisure park.

Europa-Park owner Roland Mack, comments: “SC Freiburg and Europa-Park – they just fit together! The club is a lighthouse of sporting in the region and is well-known beyond the national borders due to its sustainable and successful work with young talents. […] The Europa-Park Stadium, with its outstanding filigree architecture, is an absolute success. It harmoniously blends with its surroundings and will soon become a figurehead for the city of Freiburg and the region. We look forward to many exciting games with happy fans in this new gem!“ Jürgen Mack, co-owner of Europa-Park, adds: “I have been a season ticket holder since 1993 and try to be there for every SC Freiburg game. For me, it is a matter of the heart to be supporting the club with this sponsorship.“

Oliver Leki, CEO of SC Freiburg, says: “With Europa-Park, we are delighted to have won a great company for the naming rights for the new stadium. Europa-Park and Sport-Club are firmly rooted in the region and stand for emotionality, humbleness and sustainability. Above all, we are united by a partnership that has lasted for decades, which we have now expanded again and which we want to continue to live on successfully.” The new turf will be first played on on October, 7th during a test game again FC St. Pauli. (eap)