15 Oct 2021

Italy/Turkey: Gardaland Signs Further Contracts for Next Year’s “Jumanji” Ride Novelty

Gardaland CEO Aldo Maria Vigevani (l.) & Ali Cuneyt Sayin, General Manager of Futura Form For the new dark ride attraction recently announced by Italy’s Gardaland in partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment, which will be called “Jumanji – The Adventure” and will be the world’s first ride with a complete Jumanji theme (c.f. EAP News of 30 Sept 2021), the theme park has now signed further contracts for its realization. Futura Form, a design and theming company belonging to the Turkish Polin Group, will supply the composite design elements. General Manager Ali Cuneyt Sayin looks forward to the joint project development: “By joining with such prestigious companies as Gardaland and Merlin, we can offer advancements in technology and other offerings that will help push all of our businesses to higher standards. At Polin Group, we believe in the power of the amusement experience and the value it adds to communities around the world.”

The “Jumanji – The Adventure” dark ride will replace the interactive themed ride “Ramses: Il Risveglio”, which had started operating in 2009 as a make-over of the “La Valle dei Re” attraction and has been closed since this season. (eap)