25 Nov 2021

Germany: Räder-Vogel Celebrates 75th Anniversary

The family business Räder-Vogel, located in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, has been producing wheels and castors for industry and trade since 1946. It all began with the production of wheelbarrow wheels and transport equipment from old tank wheels in the post-war period and has grown to global services ever since. In 1967, the company registered its first trademark, PEVLON®, which was followed by further in-house developments such as TRACTOTHAN®, a wheel covering material with increased traction, VULLKODYN® or PEVODYN®. Since 2002 Räder-Vogel has also been one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wheels made of VULLKOLAN®. In addition to the industry sectors of bearing and system technology, aviation, food and automotive industry, mining and offshore applications, Räder-Vogel also supplies wheels, castors and wheel lining materials for manufacturers of leisure facilities. The company is in steady growth and, based on increased demand, commissioned the expansion of its “Werk 2” in spring 2021 (see EAP news of 23 March 2021).

“Quality ‘Made in Germany’ plays a major role for us,” explain Dieter Henning and Carsten Henning, managing partners of Räder-Vogel. “We supply more than 10,000 customers around the world, produce more than 30,000 different items, which are manufactured in our three factories here in Wilhelmsburg and shipped worldwide via our logistics center in Hamburg-Billbrook. Our traditional production site, which has been constantly expanded over the past decades, as well as our social responsibility towards our employees and the local people, continue to keep us on the Elbe island in the long term,” and conclude “We are proud of Räder-Vogel’s history, of the values we live by as a family business. And we look forward to the next decades and the coming developments. We start well prepared into the future.“ (eap)