05 Oct 2009

Top Disney Executives Fascinated by the Europa-Park

At the end of August, Al Weiss, worldwide head of business operations at Walt Disney Parks & Resorts with responsibility for over 100,000 employees, Philippe Gas (CEO Euro Disney), Georges Kalogridis (Chief Operative Officer) and Andrew de Csilléry (Vice President of Strategic Planning) paid a visit to the Europa-Park to share experiences and compare notes.  The Disney concern’s top managers were clearly fascinated by the outstanding quality and detailed authenticity of the 13 European theme segments and the park’s four hotels.  Together with Roland Mack, Europa-Park’s Managing Partner, and accompanied by his sons Michael and Thomas, equally members of the park’s Executive Management, the guests were able to enjoy a first-hand experience of all the unique features this family-run business has to offer.  Al Weiss and his entourage were above all impressed by the “Blue Fire Megacoaster”, designed and constructed by Mack Rides.
Mack Rides has been supplying rides to Disney concern amusement parks throughout the world for many years now.  Europa-Park’s water-coasters were the focus of special attention by the visitors, who are reportedly looking to further expand the water attraction segment in their own company. (eap)