13 Dec 2019

Russia: New Theme Park Celebrating Pushkin’s Fairy Tales Planned for St. Petersburg

© Jora Vision

Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin (*1799 in Moscow; †1837 in St. Petersburg) is one of Russia’s greatest poets and is considered the founder of modern Russian literature. An all-new theme park is now being planned to celebrate his literary legacy, scheduled to open in 2023 under the name of “Lukomorye” in the Russian city of St. Petersburg. This large-scale project was initiated by Svetoch LLC company, the CEO of which, Mrs. Goloverova, is running the Natali Hotel (named after Pushkin’s wife), which also includes a family entertainment center. In late 2018, Svetoch commissioned Dutch design company Jora Vision with the pre-master planning and a feasibility study, now Jora Vision was assigned for the full master planning and concept design.

The main feature of the theme park will be an indoor area of around 17,000 square meters that will consist of three main theme zones, themed to fantasy places that Pushkin describes in his story’s : a city, a harbor and a palace. In addition, there will be a two-hectare large outdoor site feat. another three zones: the “Jarmarka” (Russian fun fair market), the “swan lake” and the “magical fairy tale forest”. In addition to the master planning, Jora Vision will design all rides, experiences and guest facilities for the park, which will include an immersive walkthrough as well as two dark ride attractions. (eap)