10 Sep 2020

Vietnam: New City District of Ho Chi Minh City to Feature Endless Surf Attraction

In the East of Ho Chi Minh City, which is located in South Vietnam, a new city area will be developed as a new hub for the technical industry and innovation. The new twelve billion US dollar (around 10.1 billion euros) city development project also foresees the creation of versatile leisure offerings, including an “Endless Surf“ attraction from Canadian manufacturer WhiteWater West, a new product that was launched in May this year (cf. EAP news of 19 May 2020).

In three zones, artificial waves can be generated in three different intensities to enable beginners and more experienced surfers to enjoy the waves simultaneously. Also, the heart shaped wave pool will be surrounded by a beach area. Additional smaller lagoons will be developed for kayaks and stand up paddle users.

“We've done a thorough analysis of the options and have concluded that Endless Surf offers both the best value and surf versatility, with a more natural aesthetic, that fits our development goals best. […],“ says Tony Bulcraig, CEO of Surf the Wave, the lifestyle and real estate company, which is responsible for the development of the surf installation. “This development is a great example of how surf as an anchor attraction in larger mixed-use real estate investments creates a focus on lifestyle and wellness for the entire development. This added benefit comes in addition to the surf lagoon being a healthy business venue in its own right because of the high capacity and flexibility of the programable waves that Endless Surf offers,“ comments Paul Chutter, joint founder of Endless Surf, a brand of WhiteWater West. (eap)