Issue 5|2021

Issue 5/2021: September/October 2021

Topic Overview (Excerpt):

  • News from Disneyland Paris
  • Interview with Sascha Czibulka, Executive VP Intamin
  • Hansa-Park Launches New “Awilda’s World” Kids Area
  • Happy Birthday, Bayern-Park!
  • Jaderpark Celebrates 25 Years with “Okavango River” Flume Ride
  • The VelociCoaster at Universal’s Islands of Adventure
  • 60 Years of Leisure Fun in Pigeon Forge
  • Mandoria – City of Adventures Opens Its Gates
  • Svalgurok – The Dragon’s New Outdoor Realm in Rulantica
  • New Slide Line-up at NEMO Magdeburg
  • Holiday Park Marveld Recreatie Expands Slide Park
  • Hungary’s All-New Ellipsum Waterpark
  • Crystal Lagoons: Urban Caribbean Feeling Made in Chile
  • TimeRide: Time Travel Concept with Growth Potential
  • Refreshed & Restyled: Used Attractions
  • Dynamic Pricing in the Leisure Industry
Special Features

Hollywood in MPG

Movie Park Germany, Germany’s largest film-themed amusemend park, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year with the opening of its largest single investment until to date – the all-new “Movie Park Studio Tour“ Multi Dimension Coaster, which takes riders on a family-friendly journey through film and movie history in Europe’s first indoor roller coaster with a reverse launch ...


The “Merlin project” at Fantasiana Erlebnispark Strasswalchen in the Austrian state of Salzburg was always infused with a sense of mystery. The most complex, expensive, and spatially largest investment in the family amusement park’s 25-year history officially opened in July, with numerous guests from the worlds of politics and the amusement industry. The new “The Magical Village“ theme area invites guests to experience an all-new Family Launch Coaster & more ...


For several years now the escape room experiences offered by Berlin’s THE ROOM have been thrilling visitors and fans from both Germany and abroad. These immersive experiences with their great entertainment value offer visitors the opportunity to rediscover themselves, slip into a role and become part of the various stories and quests. The ambition to stage fully-immersive Live Escape Games is characteristic ...

Therme Lindau

The city of Lindau on Lake Constance is a popular German excursion destination that also enjoys a lively flow of Austrian visitors, thanks to its proximity to the border between the two countries. Now, with the opening of the Therme Lindau spa, a year-round leisure facility has been created in the Bavarian city. The now largest spa complex in the region fulfills every wish related to water fun, wellness and health treatments. Some 45 million euros were invested in the large-scale offer ...