16 Jul 2021

Belgium: Heavy Rain Paralyzes Park Operations – Walibi Belgium Closed until Further Notice

The extremely heavy rainfalls and storms over the last two days in large parts of Western Europe have caused terrible devastation. Some regions, especially in parts of Germany and Belgium, were particularly affected by the water masses and floods. Among others, the amusement park Plopsa Coo, located in East Belgium, had to evacuate visitors for safety reasons due to the threat of a nearby river overflowing. As the bad weather situation is still ongoing, the park will remain closed up to and including this Sunday (18 July).

The damage is particularly devastating at Walibi Belgium (photo) and its related waterpark Aqualibi, about 1.5 hours’ drive from Plopsa Coo and located further inland. The park area was completely flooded, large parts of the infrastructure including technical equipment, telephone and internet lines have been severely damaged. Due to the extent of the damage, the park, which only recently celebrated the opening of its new “Kondaa” Mega Coaster (cf. EAP 3/2021), has to remain closed until further notice. The clean-up and repair work is ongoing. Fortunately, no people were harmed in the parks due to the extreme weather events. (eap)