16 Sep 2021

USA: Creative Works Enters Partnership Agreement With Make-A-Wish

Creative and design company Creative Works recently announced a partnership with the Make-A-Wish foundation, which is foremost known in the USA for making whishes come true for critically ill children. “Granting a wish can be so impactful for the lives of these kids, both emotionally and mentally, and it can just be a boost for their entire family as they all walk through this healing process together. Because of that, and our desire to not just write a check and smile from afar, we’re partnering with Make-A-Wish here locally,” said Kimberly Schilling, Owner of Creative Works.

In their first month of partnership, Creative Works has already helped to grant three wishes to children battling illness, of which two were bedroom renovations where the company was able to use their knowledge of design, fabricate and install decorations, furniture and murals. “[…] This year we have started to get more directly involved, with our team using their unique artistic talents and craftsmanship to help facilitate room makeovers and decor for fundraising events, while I have joined the board in hopes to provide a unique perspective from an experiential entertainment company,” said Creative Works’ President, Armando Lanuti. (eap)