27 Sep 2021

Wouter Dekkers Leaves Tropical Islands & Becomes New Corporate Development Director at Parques Reunidos

Wouter Dekkers (l.) and Thorsten Christopher Jung (r.)@Tropical IslandsSince the beginning of 2019, Wouter Dekkers (pictured) has been General Manager of Tropical Islands, the vacation paradise in Brandenburg (cf. EAP news of 18 Jan 2019), which is part of the portfolio of the Spanish operator group Parques Reunidos. Now, the leisure and management expert has been appointed to the position of the group’s new Corporate Development Director as of 1 October 2021, thus leaving the adventure pool facility. In his new role, Dekkers is expected to work on various accommodation and expansion projects in numerous parks of the group in the coming years.

“On October 1, 2000 I entered the Themepark Industry at Six Flags Holland. It turned out to be a start of a fantastic journey which allowed me to work within four great parks, developed great projects and above all worked with fantastic colleagues. Exactly 21 years later, I am thrilled and honored to announce that this journey continues…,” says Wouter Dekkers, who also worked for many years at Movie Park Germany and subsequently at the Dutch theme and vacation park Slagharen.

As his successor, Thorsten Christopher Jung will take over the management of Tropical Islands, who has already been working at the resort since June. (eap)