19 Oct 2021

China: teamLab Equips C Future City With Interactive Art

©teamLab The teamLab art collective recently announced to supply two new large scale artworks to C Future City, a city development project in Shenzhen, China, which includes office buildings, shopping centers, park-like neighborhoods, hotels and apartments where people, city, nature, art and technology will co-exist.

The waterfall imitating artwork “Universe of Water Particles and Pleople Create Vortices“ changes its “water surface“ or flow when people are walking on it or approach the waterfall. Sound effects will support the art experience. On the cube-shaped installation “Continuos Life in the Cubic Honeycomb – A Whole Year per Year“ the process of flowers bud, grow and blossom before their petals begin to wither will be displayed. When people approach and move around, the flowers scatter and fade away but when people stand still near the artwork, flowers grow and bloom more abundantly. Additionally, with “teamLab Future Park“ a new permanent exhibition will be developed in the same building. The new teamLab installation will be available to visitors as of summer 2022. (eap)