25 Nov 2011

Legoland Billund in Denmark Awaits New “Frosty” Attractions

In May 2012, Legoland Billund will inaugurate the largest expansion in its history: the new, 12,500 square meter large themed-area “Polar Land” with real penguins. The new attraction required a total investment of 75 million kroner (about ten million Euros). Highlight of the Polar Land area will definitively be the “Polar X-plorer” rollercoaster which takes riders past a zoological area with 15 Gentoo penguins. But before, the coaster takes riders through an ice-waterfall, past polar animals built of LEGO bricks and a giant mountain with top speeds of 65 km/h and in a height of up to 20 meters. Guests will then crash through the ice and experience a 5-meter-drop. Afterwards the coaster decreases and drives through the penguin part. A new polar-themed restaurant for 350 guests will also belong to Polar Land. “During the last years we had a constant rise in attendance figures. We want to support this upward trend and the growing interest of our young and old guests from Denmark and abroad by building Polar Land,” says Legoland Director Henrik Höhrmann (photo). (eap)