10 Jul 2019

Germany: Swiss Guard Visits Europa-Park

Roland und Michael Mack (vorne, Mitte) begrüßen die Schweizergarde im Hotel Colosseo.

The Pope´s guards recently made their annual excursion, this time to Germany’s Europa-Park. With 50 men one third of the Swiss Guard, the unit responsible for the Pope´s security, enjoyed the trip. All of them are Swiss citizens and Catholics, have completed a university-entrance diploma or an apprenticeship and suit the benchmark of 1.74 meters height.

Commandant Colonel Christoph Graf emphasizes: “Decisive for our visit was the good contact we are having with the Mack family for many years now.” This relationship becomes clear by the display of the Swiss Guard´s original uniforms at the park´s “Colosseo” hotel, inter alia. Europa-Park owner Roland Mack adds: “We are pleased with the visit of the Swiss Guard to our park and delighted that they are able to enjoy our rides. We have a very close contact with our Swiss neighbors – for them, Europa-Park is almost a part of their own country.” (eap)