23 Aug 2019

Spain: New “Aquaman“ Show with Flyboard® Action Entertains Visitors at Parque Warner Madrid

© Efectos Especiales PiroFx

This year, Parque Warner Madrid, founded in 2002, surprised its visitors with a new evening show, which has been entertaining park guests for several weeks now and will continue to be featured on the show program until the end of September.

Under the show title of “Aquaman” the production is dedicated to the eponymous DC Comics character. It takes place in the evening hours directly at the park’s lake. According to the storyline, the audience finds itself in “Amnesty Bay”, the small coastal town located in Maine where Aquaman was raised. Together with other characters from the DC universe, Aquaman fights against his adversary “Black Manta”.

Some of the most action-packed scenes see the use of “Flyboards” (from Flyboard® Show), which are devices powered by waterjet propulsion to “fly up” to 20 meters and thus make the battle of the superhero look like in the movie. Audio and video effects as well as spectacular pyrotechnics and fire effects provided by Madrid-based Efectos Especiales PiroFX round off the show experience. (eap)


Editor's Note: An earlier version of this news mistakenly referred to the park as celebrating its 50th anniversary. We apologise for the error. Parque de Atracciones Madrid is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, not Parque Warner Madrid.