16 Sep 2019

USA: New “Omni Arena“ E-Sports Attraction Now Open at Rockin‘ Raceway Entertainment Center

Visitors to the Rockin‘ Raceway entertainment complex in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee are now able to try out the new e-sports attraction “Omni Arena™“ developed by the Texas-based provider Virtuix. The arena is based on Virtuix‘ “Omni“ VR hardware – a treadmill enabling players to physically run in the virtual environment (cf. EAP-News f. 23. Nov 2018). In combination with a VR content platform, the Omni Arena system invites players to experience four different gaming options.

In the 375 square feet (35 square metres) large arena guests can play in groups of up to four people, either against each other or together. The gaming complex is also equipped with a built-in staging area with eight seats, in addition to eleven screens and touchscreens providing the option to record a gameplay video, amongst other features.

“We are eager to bring a new level of amusement to the classic environment of Rockin‘ Raceway,“ says Bucky Mabe, CEO of FACE Amusement Group, operator of the Rockin‘ Raceway Center. He continues: “This attraction allows guests to explore the world of virtual reality and with four games and ongoing prize contests, players have plenty to keep them coming back for more.“ Jan Goetgeluk, CEO of Virtuix, adds: “We’re excited to work with FACE Amusement Group and bring Omni Arena to Pigeon Forge […].“ (eap)