08 Oct 2019

France: Design Company AAB Takes Over L’Usine à 5 Pattes

Beide Unternehmen arbeiteten neben anderen an der Gestaltung der Attraktion „Premier Royaume“ in Puy du Fou. As has become known recently, the French design and decoration company of AAB (Atelier Artistique du Béton) has taken over L’Usine à 5 Pattes, likewise specialized in design and build services. Founded 15 years ago, L’Usine à 5 Pattes has established itself in different sectors in the field of decoration and theming and has worked for TV productions, theme parks, events, trade shows and in spatial design. Merging the two companies means bringing together two key players from the theming and decoration industry, whose total turnover will amount to between 13 and 15 million euro.

“Thanks to this merger the group of companies will now be able to offer customers turnkey solutions for elements made of concrete, wood and polyester as well as LED and electromechanical components,” explains Nicolas Feldkircher, manager and principal shareholder of AAB since four years. Philippe Liberos, founder of L’Usine à 5 Pattes and who will oversee the integration of the group as deputy executive director, adds: “This integration of companies is a logical step overdue for several years now, the synergies of the two companies are obvious and all our customers will benefit from the result.”

Located in the city of Chelles in the greater area of Paris, L’Usine à 5 Pattes will move to AAB’s company site (Mormant, Île-de-France region) by the end of this year. (eap)