12 Nov 2019

Germany: Foundation Stone Ceremony Held at Horner Bad Bremen

After a planning phase of four years and the demolition of the old pool structures in 2018, Horner Bad (Bremen, Germany) recently celebrated its foundation stone ceremony. Plans for the new outdoor pool area were already made official in 2016 (cf. EAP news 25 Oct 2016). The new outdoor structures will feature a sunbathing area with a beach volleyball field, a mud play area, a children‘s pool with multiple water play elements, a multifunctional pool for sport- and non-swimmers and a wave slide. The new indoor pool area will cater to the needs of professional swimmers by offering a new pool with ten 50-metre-long swimming lanes, an elevating wall and platform. In addition to swimming lessons for students and professionals, the pool will also provide other guests with public swimming times and a 100 square metre large pool for water sport courses.

The double-digit million investment includes a new parking area, energy-efficient technology, barrier-free accessibility as well as infrastructural development measures connecting the bath to a main road. The Horner Bad, which celebrated its opening in 1960, is supposed to open its gates to visitors again in mid-2021. "We are looking forward to provide every swim- and swimsport-enthusiast in this region with a new and modern pool facility," said Martina Baden, General Manager of Bremer Bäder GmbH. (eap)