21 Nov 2019

UK: “Godzilla VR“-Attraction Now Open At London’s The O2

After its debut in Osaka in 2018, “Godzilla VR“ has now been brought to the UK and celebrated ist premiere in London’s event arena The O2. In addition to “Mario Kart VR“, Godzilla VR will be an other immersive experience by Bandai Namco Amusement Europe Ltd. at the concert venue. The new attraction, which is based on the IP “Godzilla“, licensed by the japanese company Toho Co. Ltd., will be located in the "Hollywood Bowl" bowling location. Visitors will sit down in two motion-based seats with one joystick controler on each side.

To provide guests with a realistic experience Bandai Namco partnered exclusively with VR headset brand HTC Vive. Players will find themselves in the city of Tokyo, beeing terrorised by the mutant saurian Godzilla. “We’re extremely pleased to announce the release of Godzilla VR to the UK and to further expand our library of experiences. This UK release has been brought about by the growing demand in thrilling, active experiences and the great interest the public has in Virtual Reality. […],“ says Matt Bradley, VR Project Manager for Bandai Namco Amusement Europe Ltd. (eap)