22 Nov 2019

Tripsdrill Unveils Further Details on 2020 Rollercoaster Additions

Following the announcement of German leisure park Tripdsdrill (Baden-Wuerttemberg) to add two new rollercoasters for the upcoming 2020 season to its attractions portfolio (cp. EAP news of 4 Nov 2019), today further details on both new additions from Vekoma were revealed.

Thematically, both rides will have a regional reference, as is always the case in this park. The Family Boomerang, which will cater to families, will bear the name “Volldampf” (Eng.: Full Steam Ahead), inspired by the Swabian folk song “Die schwäbische Eisenbahn” (Eng.: The Swabian Railway). This will also be reflected in the design of the coaster train, created in the style of a 19th century steam locomotive with several compartments. The Suspended Thrill Coaster, which will be a world’s first, will be called “Hals-über-Kopf” (Eng.: Head Over Heels), providing an even more exciting ride and referring not only to the local heroic story of the “Sieben Schwaben” (Eng.: Seven Swabians), but also to the four inversion elements of this rollercoaster, which are among the unique features of this new prototype. In addition, it was announced that the tracks of both coasters will cross several times. Learn more about the two new coasters in one of our next magazine editions. (eap)