25 Nov 2019

Universal Studios Japan Reveal New Concept Image for Super Nintendo World

© Nintendo

Just in time for the Olympic Summer Games 2020 in Tokyo, a new theme land is scheduled to be opened at Universal Studios Japan (USJ) with the “Super Nintendo World”, themed after the familiar characters from the Nintendo games franchise (cf. EAP news of 2 Mar 2017). A recently published new concept image now shows what the adventure world will look like. Future visitors will feel like they are immersing themselves into the world of computer games. The updated concept image shows an expansive, multi-leveled land with multiple attractions, shops and a restaurant. Among the attractions will be a “Mario Kart” attraction and a “Yoshi” ride. The picture also shows the iconic “Peach’s Castle” and “Bowser’s Castle”. Super Nintendo World is expected to significantly increase the visitor numbers of Universal Studios Japan in the coming years. (eap)