04 Dec 2019

Tenerife/Spain: Loro Parque Fundación and University La Laguna Set a Sign Against Ocean Pollution

The Loro Parque Foundation and the University La Laguna (San Cristóbal de La Laguna), joined forces to draw attention on the increasing pollution of the seas and nature by plastic waste. To showcase these drastic developments and to give an impulse for change the two institution revealed a sculpture made of recycled materials on the university campus last week. The marine-themed sculpture was designed by the artist Paolo Bonano and consists of cans, bottles and plastic covers. The primary focus of this collaboration is to sensitize the general public for the topic and to rise awareness of its causes.

Furthermore the Loro Parque Foundation and the University La Laguna signed a comprehensive catalogue of measures including multiple new research projects on ocean life (for example the impact of loud noise on wales). According to its own statement, the Loro Parque comany indicates that all its related facilities (including Loro Parque zoo & Siam waterpark on Tenerife as well as the Poema del Mar aquarium on Gran Canary) together have been saving 30 tons of polluting material since 2018. Christoph Kiessling, president of Loro Parque Foundation, revealed official numbers of the United Nations, which proof that 13 million tons of plastic material are dumped in the oceans every year. (eap)