11 Feb 2020

Finland: Valo Motion Creates New Two-Player Trampoline Game

Finland’s Valo Motion company, provider of interactive sporting experience, creator of the “ValoClimb®“ climbing wall at “ValoJump“ trampoline set-up, aims at combining exercise and fitness with the gaming. After the launch of the first two-player game “SuperStomp“ (cf. EAP 3/2019), Valo Motion now released its second trampoline gaming experience for two called “Skytails Race“ (also available as a single player modus). The rules are simple and as classic as they can be – the players race each other and whoever reaches the top first wins the race. Game players jump in front of a monitor, which senses their movement and projects them into the digital game environment.

“[…] This two-player trampoline game was designed to be an escape to a fantasy world where the players can feel like they have super powers, soaring through different environments while they simultaneously learn to control their trampoline jumping and get a workout without even noticing it. […],“ says Lauri Lehtonen, Lead Developer for ValoJump and the creator of “Skytails Race“ games. Each “ValoJump“ trampoline offers additional six gaming and training applications plus the “Skytails“ one-player edition. (eap)