02 Apr 2020

Germany: Spreewelten Bad Uses Shutdown for Revision Works

During the current shut down situation, which is sharply affecting public pools amongst other leisure facilities and businesses, Germany’s Spreewelten Bad (located in Lübbenau/Brandenburg region) also had to close its doors for visitors. The indoor pool complex just started with smaller revision works, which were originally planned for autumn this year. “The revision week, which was planned to take place in September, was brought forward. A basic cleaning of the whole facility and smaller repair work are on our agenda now,“ says Axel Kopsch, Operations Director of Spreewelten. 

In addition, the indoor pool, which features the unique USP of an included penguin enclosure (cf. EAP 2/2019), will share its daily work progress as well as the life of their penguins on social media. Katharina Herda, animal keeper, explains: “The little birds in taxedos already miss their visitors. We keepers come daily to the facility of course, in order to keep on taking care of them. Right now, they are really hard working nest builders as the breeding season is right around the corner.“ Via live video on its Facebook channel, the pool shares the penguin feeding session every Thursday at 3 PM. (eap)