16 Apr 2020

Belgium: Benoit Cornet Launches BoldMove Company

Benoit Cornet, founder and former CEO of Alterface, has launched BoldMove, a new concept planning firm and manufacturer network that aims to help leisure facilities to develop efficient and exciting digital attractions. BoldMove will draw on the expertise of a diverse network of manufacturers in order to create unique visitor experiences tailored to the specific theme and budget of each customer. Current partners include Painting with Light, specialized in multimedia installations, the designers from King Concept and the CGI-film experts at Pure Imagination. Other interested manufacturers are invited to join the partner network.

“Everyone is currently battling against a worldwide virus that is keeping the entertainment industry in a firm grip. Now is the time to be agile and prepare for the post-crisis era with attractions that are innovative and smart, offering a fast and high return on investment. […] We complement our core management, sales & project teams with dedicated experts from creative & concept development and master planning to technology implementation. This allows us to offer the best of everything and infuse projects with innovative technologies, creative ideas and broader perspectives […],” explains Benoit Cornet, who together with his team will advise customers on digital attractions, his plan. (eap)