30 Apr 2020

Germany: Takeover Saves Bottrop-based Scary Labyrinth

The Grusellabyrinth Bottrop (scary labyrinth), which is located in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia region, faced the permanent closure because of the bankruptcy of its former operator Grusellabyrinth GmbH has now been averted by the takeover of the facility by Erlebniswelt Grusel GmbH, a 100 percent subsidiary of the live adventure and escape room provider Paperdice Solutions GmbH. The current forced closure will now be used to redesign the attraction and develop new “goosebumps“ experiences.

The operators plan new exciting attractions for the reopening – on the one hand there will be experiences for families with kids and on the other hand , experiences for grown-up fans of scare and horror attractions. “We are happy to be able to create a new chapter of the unique story of the scare labyrinth together with the current staff members. With the resources and know-how of the Paperdice group we will achieve great things and realise exciting ideas, which will not only save the scary labyrinth but will also take it to the next level,“ says Michael Bierhahn, General Manager of Erlebniswelt Grusel GmbH. (eap)