23 Jun 2020

Germany: Starting Signal for New Coaster Double in Tripsdrill

© Tripsdrill, Gordon Below After the first weeks in operation under corona conditions, today Southern Germany’s Erlebnispark Tripsdrill presented its new rollercoaster double “Volldampf” (Engl.: “Full Steam Ahead”) and “Hals-über-Kopf” (Eng.: “Head over Heels”; cf. cover story in EAP 2/2020), which will officially open for riders on Friday. “Volldampf” is a Family Boomerang from Vekoma, promising a thrilling ride on the “Swabian railroad” along a 500-meter long track, including a reverse section. Young guests aged four years and older and with a minimum body height of 95 cm are allowed to experience a ride on Volldampf accompanied by an adult (or unaccompanied from the age of eight years).

The second novelty “Head over Heels” is the world’s first installation of Vekoma’s new Suspended Thrill Coaster. Passengers rush through a total of four inversions at up to 80 km/h, amongst other track elements. Visitors must be at least six years old with a body height of min. 120 cm to take a ride on this new attraction accompanied by an adult, or eight years old unaccompanied.

With this new coaster double, which is interwoven in story and layout, Tripsdrill has realized its biggest construction project in its now 91-year park history. (eap)