30 Jun 2020

Germany: Hamburg‘s Smallest Funfair – Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg Opens New Miniature Funfair

© Miniatur Wunderland HamburgToday, after around 24,500 working hours, Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg launches its new miniature funfair, which is located in the “Central Germany“ section. Just before the forced closure due to the corona pandemic, the main part of the 750,000 euros project had already been completed. “We are glad that we had our new fun fair almost ready just before the lockdown was announced. Who knows if we would otherwise have afforded such a wonderful new fair. In the present time, in which we actually have to keep every cent together, it was clear to us, however, that we would continue the remaining work as quickly as possible. I am overjoyed right now. Now the fair is finished and will attract visitors from tomorrow on. For me there is a lot of hope in this happy sea of lights and a firm belief in a colourful and happy future. And since we really have this firm belief, we will soon start to build on Monaco,” explains Wunderland founder Frederik Braun.

Since the Wunderland opening in 2001, the funfair has been a constant in the miniature exhibition. Now technical designers recreated the area and installed 150 new stands and rides, which are illuminated with 100,000 LED lights, on a ground space of eight square metres. The funfair is visited by 9,000 “little guests“. “Over many years, our technical team has repeatedly expressed the wish to build the funfair from scratch again. Technically, so much more is now possible, […]. The result is, in a positive sense, sheer madness. I have never seen this much technology on only eight square meters in any exhibition in the world,” comments Gerrit Braun, co-founder of Miniatur Wunderland. (eap)