17 Sep 2020

Germany: New YULLBE VR Attraction at Europa-Park Opens Today

Today sees the opening of YULLBE, an all-new free roaming and full-body tracking VR attraction located between Rulantica, the new water world of Europa-Park (cf. EAP 1/2020) and the related “Krønasår” theme hotel. Developed by MackNeXT in cooperation with VR Coaster and Vicon, the new LBE facility offers a capacity for up to 32 guests who can play in groups of eight at the same time. The first VR experience available in YULLBE is “Mission: Rulantica”, inviting visitors to a 30-minute immersive and interactive game play in the virtual world.

Read all about YULLBE in our upcoming magazine issue EAP 6/2020 (to be published on Nov 2nd). (eap)