17 Sep 2020

USA: Glendale City Council Approved New Sport & Entertainment Mixed Use Project

© Crystal Lagoon In the city of Glendale, located in the South-Western state of Arizona, temperatures easily reach 40 degrees Celsius during summer time, but access to public water areas is not given to the residents – a trip to the beach takes a five hour car ride to San Diego (California). So City Council of Glendale recently approved a new sports and entertainment complex called “Crystal Lagoon®, Island Resort“, which could be a solution for this “problem“. The highlight of the new entertainment hub will be an almost 4.5 hectares (11 acres) large artificial lagoon developed by Crystal Lagoon, that will be three metres (10 feet) deep at the deepest point and will be surrounded by  white sand beaches.

In addition to the lagoon, visitors will have the opportunity to discover seven “islands“, each with its own theming. There will be retail spaces, Flying- and 4D-Theaters, a venue space, restaurants, an FEC, amusement rides, office spaces and a hotel complex with 600 rooms. Furthermore, the resort will feature an “Aerobar“ helium balloon supplied by French manufacturer Aerophile to transport visitors to a height of around 40 metres (130 feet) to offer them a panoramic view over the whole complex.

“[…] We have teamed with some of the world’s top attraction, entertainment and hospitality brands to create the next wave in entertainment destinations,“ explains Eric Cherasia, Crystal Lagoon Vice President. Kevin Phelps, Glendale City Manager, comments: “Not only will this be a great example of experiential retail, […] but this project further cements Westgate as the largest Sports and Entertainment District in Arizona.“ Crystal Lagoon, Island Resort is scheduled to open in 2022. (eap)