08 Feb 2021

Poland: Energylandia Gives First Insight into New Themed Area with “Abyssus“ Coaster

After the opening of “Zadra” in August 2019, “the world’s tallest wooden rollercoaster” according to the park – a hybrid coaster with a wooden construction but steel rails by RMC (cf. EAP 6/2019) –, the next big coaster novelty for the Polish amusement park Energylandia had already been announced, which was to be built in a completely new themed area, originally scheduled to open in 2020. However, this project also had to be postponed due to the pandemic. The Shockwave Double Launch Coaster by Vekoma Rides, dubbed “Abyssus”, is now planned to launch early this season. Abyssus will offer visitors a novel thrill experience, especially with its top speed of 100 km/h and four inversions. The rollercoaster does not feature a classic lift hill, but instead uses an electromagnetic launch to catapult the train down the 1,300-meter-long track.

“Aqualantis”, the sixth themed area of the park, was built around Abyssus. The area, which has been created on a groundspace of around six hectares, will offer visitors ten other attractions in addition to the new rollercoaster… More on this topic in one of our next magazine issues.

“Believe us when we tell you that this new zone is not the end of the development of our park, it is just the beginning! In the future our park will span over 200 hectares. Those plans involve an expansion of new theme lands, and certainly new rollercoasters! There will also be new attractions, an indoor water park, more restaurants, and a hotel,“ officials said. (eap)