09 Apr 2021

USA: OWA Announces New "Gravity Islands Watersports" Area

At the entertainment and leisure destination OWA in Alabama one project follows the next – in March of this year, the operators announced the opening of an indoor water park scheduled for 2022 (cf. EAP news of 10 March 2021). Now, another expansion of the existing leisure offering is on the agenda: This summer, OWA plans to open the new “Gravity Islands Watersports” area to attract water sports enthusiasts. Among the attractions for the water adventure area is the water-based obstacle course “Aqua Park”, the inflatables for which were supplied by the Washington-based company of Union AquaPark.

The highlight of the new watersports offer will be a new two-pole cable system type “Sesitec System 2.0” from Adventure Lakes. The more than 200-meter-long cable (700+ feet) will allow water sports enthusiasts to glide across the lake on wakeboards, water skis, kneeboards or wakeskates. Former professional wakeboarder T.J. Allen and his wife Caitlin serve as operators of the new facility. “We are so excited to share the stoke of watersports with those who live and visit the Gulf Coast. We are passionate about making this sport easily accessible to all, teaching new riders and enhancing the skills of experienced ones. Our Aqua Play is going to be so much fun for your family and friends,” explains T.J. Allen.

Read more about current water sports facility projects in the leisure industry in the continuation of our special feature series on “Adventure Sports Parks” in one of our upcoming magazine issues. (eap)