July/August 2009

Issue 4: July/August 2009

Overview of Topics (Excerpt):

  • Curse of Novgorod: Hansa-Park's Kataplektor Rollercoaster
  • Freizeitpark Ruhpolding: In Between "Cream Puff Countess" and Urschlau
  • Waterbom Bali: Green Oasis in the Tourist Hubbub
  • The Intelligent Waste Bin
  • The "Star-Trek"Experience
  • German Association of Amusement Machinery and Accessory Manufacturers (VDV) Elects New Board 
Special Features

In Between Fire & Ice or "on the Pulse of Time"

The Europa-Park is distinguished by its themed areas centred around European countries.Of the 40 nations in Europe, most have been used as a theme here. For its latest themed area, one of the European states with the most attractive landscapes was selected ...

Interactivity: "Come Play with Me!"

The real classic field of interactive attractions is probably that of the interactive darkride. The first West European ride of this type was likely the "El Paso Special" at Bobbejaanland back in 1988 ...


The range of recreational and health offers at "aquabasilea" will be quite diverse. The facility is the heart of a big 230-million franc (roughly 150 million euro) expensive project which also includes a hotel, shops and office space ...

Odysseum Cologne

Just a few years ago, people would have given you a questioning look if you used the term "science center". Museums and exhibitions were notions Europeans could relate to. When the Universum Science Center opened in 2000 in Bremen though, science centres became more popular in Germany ...