November/December 2012

Issue 6: November/December 2012

Overview of Topics (Excerpt):

  • Orkanen - Fårup Sommerland Announces New Large-Scale Attractions
  • Erlebnispark Tripsdrill: "Gaudi" Area and Launched Coaster
  • GateKeeper - New Large-Scale Attraction for Cedar Point, Ohio
  • New Rollercoaster Planned for Liseberg, Sweden
  • Aquariaz: Tropical Water World in the French Alps
  • Zoo Leipzig: Development of the "Zoo of the Future" Continues
  • 35 Years of Gosetto - The Family as an Anchor and Motivator
  • SATE 2012 in Paris: "First, stop talking and listen!"
  • GaLaBau 2012: Play Space in Green
  • Photo Report of EAS 2012 in Berlin & Interbad 2012 in Stuttgart
Special Features


Our interview with Markus Beyr - entrepreneur, unconventional thinker, créateur - managing partner of the newly founded company "Attraktion!" ...

New Wonnemar Complexes

Founded in Stuttgart in 1996, InterSPA Gesellschaft für Kur- und Freizeitanlagen mbH is responsible for the planning, construction and the operation of several Wonnemar swimming pool complexes in Germany. The InterSPA currently operates five Wonnemar facilities and two new complexes are set to open this coming December ...

Am I a Good Boss?

Burn-out and boreout have taken on a significant role in the professional world over time. In addition to the health burdens these phenomena mean for the affected employees themselves, they are also responsible for massive financial losses for a company. Kai Breitling, psychologist from the TÜV Nord quality testing enterprise, explains some of the mechanisms and points out solutions ...

Theme Park Outlooks

Projekt Helix, Orkanen, GateKeeper & Co: International theme parks are aiming big ...