Issue 3|2016

Issue 3/2016: May/June 2016

Topic Overview (Excerpt):

  • Walibi Holland Launches a New One
  • Crimson Wing: The Interactive Reality Game
  • Walibi Belgium: “Pulsar!” – The PowerSplash Premier
  • Thorpe Park: Derren Brown’s Ghost Train
  • Flying Aces: The Need-for-Speed at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
  • Chinese Dai Culture: Wanda Xishuangbanna International Resort
  • VfL-FußballWelt: The interactive exposition in Wolfsburg
  • IP sells: Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon draws visitors to Malaysian theme park
  • Therme Bucureşti: Romania’s new Wellness & Spa Oasis
  • Mamma Mia! The Party: ABBA-Party in Gröna Lund
  • Cloud Coaster: New concept to Mix a Zipline & Coaster Experience
  • Magical Ice Moments: Cool Desserts Made of Liquid Nitrogen
  • Associations: Report of the VDFU’s and EWA’s General Meeting
Special Features

Lost Gravity

A helicopter lies upside down on its rotor blades. Trees ripped from their roots stand on their head. Traffic light and satellite disc towers, and even entire streets of houses lie on theirside strewn all around. This is the scene that greets visitors to the new rollercoaster ...

Flying Aces

At Ferrari World Abu Dhabi – the home of Formula Rossa (with 240 km/h the world’s fastest rollercoaster) – this past February 24th saw the opening of yet another record-setting rollercoaster from Intamin: The Flying Aces Wing Coaster is designed to replicate ...

IP Sells!

The inclusion of IP (Intellectual Property) brands is no longer limited to the film parks in this industry. Other amusement and adventure parks which were originally not built on the concept of an existing movie or brand are now increasingly also using IPs to attract public attention ...

Therme Bucuresti

Following a construction period of almost two years, January 2016 witnessed the opening of Therme Bucuresti, the largest thermal bath operation in Romania, near the southern European metropolis Bucharest. Although adapted to the local conditions, the design of this gigantic ...