26 Feb 2007

Singapore: Billon-Euro Investment for Sentosa Island Resort


At the island resort of Sentosa just off the coast of Singapore, the 343,000 square metre large “Resorts World at Sentosa” is underway thanks to an overall investment volume of 2.6 billion euros. The mega project with numerous “resorts inside the resort” is scheduled to open in 2010. Among the individual projects planned for the “integrated resort” is the Universal Studios Singapore Theme Park with seven different themed worlds – 16 of the 22 attractions here were specially developed just for Singapore. In addition, an eight-hectare large oceanarium is planned, a Maritim Xperiental Museum and three amphitheatres with over 10,000 seats. The Canadian group of artistes, Cirque du Soleil, will also be getting a permanent stage: the “Le Vie” show theatre with 1,600 seats. And six hotels with a total of 1,830 rooms are also foreseen for the facility, including a Hard Rock Hotel, a spa centre with 42 private spa villas and convention facilities for around 12,000 people. You can read more about this project in one of the upcoming issues of EAP. (eap)