07 Dec 2006

Heide-Park, Soltau: Advent, Advent & more


A few thousand people visited the Heide Park in Soltau on the first Advent weekend when it opened for Advent the first time. The park had turned itself into a sparkling sea of lights for the occasion. Angels and Father Christmases greeted the guests, artists told Christmas fairy tales, choirs sang and music groups played holiday songs. Many of the stands had handcrafted gift items from the Heide region on offer, and numerous rides were open to the delight of many guests.
In the meantime, according to information from the park, construction of the roller coaster “Desert Race” (Intamin) is coming along well: Heide Park’s Managing Director Hannes Mairinger informed numerous roller coaster fans from all over Germany about the nation’s fastest roller coaster, which will go into operation in early May. Construction work is going very well, says Mairinger, also thanks to the very mild “winter” weather we’ve had up to now. “Desert Race” is, as previously reported, the first catapult operated roller coaster in Germany and is being built directly adjacent to the world’s largest wooden coaster, the “Colossos”. (eap)