13 May 2022

USA: Darlene Reese-Sittig Appointed New Education & Operation Manager at Ellis & Associates

Florida-based Ellis & Associates (E&A), an international aquatic safety and risk management consulting firm dedicated to the prevention and elimination of drowning accidents, recently announced Darlene Reese-Sittig (photo) as its new Education & Operations Manager. Reese-Sittig joined the company on a part-time basis in 2011 and has worked on educational program development as well as course content since. In her new position, which was newly created at E&A, she is expected to bring her extensive industry experience to advance the goal of reducing drowning accidents. The former Spanish teacher began her career in the water park industry in the 90s at Six Flags, where she was involved in reattractivization and rebranding efforts for several Six Flags water parks during her 23 years of employment. She was also involved in the launch of the digital learning platform “AIMS connectED“ of the industry association AIMS International.

“Darlene is an incredible addition to the E&A team,” said E&A COO Richard ‘RAC’ Carroll. “Her support of our programs over the past decade has been invaluable. We are thrilled that she has joined our outstanding team on a full-time basis as we expand our products and services to be an even greater resource for our clients and the aquatics industry as a whole. E&A’s innovations in aquatic safety are something we are quite proud of, and Darlene has been part of that DNA for more than twenty years. Everything that we do, as a company, is for one purpose – to make an incredibly safe industry even safer.” (eap)