23 Nov 2022

NL/Vietnam: Jora Vision Develops River Adventure Dark Ride for VinWonders Nha Thrang

Dutch company Jora Vision has announced that it is developing a dark ride for the VinWonders Nha Thrang Amusement Park in Vietnam. The boat dark ride, named “Tata World River Adventure Dark Ride“, will be the first of its kind in the entire park. The attraction is a 315-meter-long boat ride that includes two drops and eleven unique scenes. The ride will use a large number of special effects such as depth projection and forced perspective, as well as a large animatronic. “It’s very brave for a park to enter the world of dark rides with such a large and richly themed ride. As a visitor you will experience fully immersive decors with integrated projection screens, uniquely designed animatronics, special and visual effects and a custom music score,” explains Victor Schade, Creative Lead at Jora Vision. 

Not only will it be the first and as such the largest dark ride project for the park itself, but it will also be the largest dark ride attraction to date for the 30-years-old design company. More projects with the park are already planned for the future. “We are very happy with the successful creative collaboration with the team of VinWonders. We are certain that this partnership will result in many exciting new one-of-a kind experiences”, expresses the Managing Director Asia at Jora Vision, June Ren, happily. (eap)