06 Dec 2018

Germany: Dinosaurier Museum Altmuehltal Presents Fossil Finding of Unknown Killer Turtle

This artistic drawing gives an idea of how the killer turtle could have looked like ...Next week (as of Dec 16th), the museum of Dinosaurier Park Altmuehltal in Bavaria will reveal the prepared fossil of a still unknown prehistoric turtle species, which was found some years ago in a quarry in the south of Germany. Scientists assume that this newly discovered species, which was dubbed “killer turtle” because of its mighty, beak-shaped lower jaw, perhaps represents the biggest turtle species of the entire Jura geological era.

The museum of the dinosaur park (the complete venue was opened two years ago, cf. our cover story in EAP, 6/16) aims at becoming one of the world’s most important exhibition centers for prehistoric times with the presentation of important fossil findings. Earlier this year, the museum attracted the attention of both experts and visitors to the dinosaur park with the exhibition of a huge flying dinosaur skeleton (cf. EAP news from March 22nd, 2018). (eap)