11 Feb 2019

England: Initial Plans for “Scarborough Flamingo Land Coast“ Revealed

Alpamare Scarborough On the site of the former Futurist Theater in the English seaside resort of Scarborough – a theater and cinema complex that was closed in 2014 and demolished last year – a new leisure complex dubbed “Scarborough Flamingo Land Coast” may take shape in the near future. According to BBC, plans for the project initiated by Flamingo Land Ltd., the operating company of the nearby Flamingo Land Resort zoo and theme park, have been presented to the Scarborough Borough Council. The concept includes a 60 meter high “cliffhanger” ride, a rollercoaster and a four-storey building with play areas and restaurants.

The Council has asked for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to be carried out as part of the planning application, also a public consultation will be held on the plans. Flamingo Land is in talks with manufacturing companies and engineers to further elaborate the concept, assessing the attraction’s safety and installation aspects.

The coastal stretch of Scarborough is undergoing transformations within a 150 million Pounds (approx. 170 million Euros) development plan, which also included the opening of a new Alpamare waterpark (pictured) in 2016, offering guests alpine bathing and sliding fun with Bavarian flair (cf. EAP 6/2016). (eap)