01 Oct 2019

Germany: TimeRide Appoints Dr. Fabian Hedderich New COO

Munich-based TimeRide company, which creates VR experiences thematically based on local history, has recently named Dr. Fabian Hedderich new COO and second managing director of the company. He will oversee the company‘s operation, sales and finance divisions. With a professional background as business consultant at actori GmbH for the sectors of sports, entertainment, education and tourism, Hedderich brings comprehensive business know-how into his new role at TimeRide. “We brought Fabian Hedderich into our team in order to develop and enhance the company’s development and additionaly strengthen our existing locations. I’m looking forward to taking TimeRide on a new level together with him,“ comments Jonas Rothe, founder and managing director of TimeRide. Fabian Hedderich is looking forward to his new responsibilities: “Besides my passion for sports I am very interested in history and stories. TimeRide is from a thematic and entrepreneurial point of view very exciting and I look forward to beeing a part of that success story.“

The current TimeRide locations in Cologne, Dresden, Berlin and Munich provide a VR experience which allows visitors to travel back in time to different German eras, based on local history. (eap)