29 Oct 2019

USA: LEGOLAND® Florida Resort Announces Opening of New Pirate Island Hotel for April 2020

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To provide guests with another accommodation facility, LEGOLAND® Florida Resort just announced the opening of the new Pirate Island Hotel for April, 17th 2020. The new pirate-themed hotel, which is located within a few metres to the park’s entrance, will provide visitors with 150 colorful LEGO®-designed rooms. Especially the rooms for children are equipped with a lot of pirate details. Daily in-room LEGO treasure chests, LEGO pirate décor, treasure map headboards, boat-shaped bunkbeds and many more pirate experiences will help the kids to immerge into the world of pirates. The five-story hotel features also a pirate-themed “Shipwreck Restaurant“, the “Smuggler’s Bar“, a kid-friendly play area, a pool area equipped with waterproof LEGO-bricks and a walk-in wreckage of a pirate ship outside the entrance.


“We’re really excited to open our third on-site hotel accommodation and deliver completely new family-friendly experiences. Pirates have a long history tied to the state of Florida and we look forward to providing our future guests with an entertaining, memorable and fun hotel,“ said Rex Jackson, General Manager of LEGOLAND Florida Resort. In combination with the hotel opening, a new pirate water ski show and “PirateFest Weekends“ coming to the park, the resort declared 2020 as the “Year of the Pirate“. (eap)