04 Nov 2019

New “Elysium“ Indoor Water Park Project Planned for the South of England

Elysium Water Park is the name of a planned new indoor water park to be developed near the British coastal resort town of Bournemouth in southern England, according to a detailed concept compiled by the initiator Costa Acodrinesei. The water park, the realization of which is subject to funding and building permission, is foreseen for a 13-hectare large property located close to Bournemouth International Airport, where a large-scale leisure complex including a premium spa, a surfing facility (The Lagoon Surf Park), accommodation and other offerings are planned to take shape. The waterpark could complement the offer as another highlight for future visitors. Around eleven million people live in a catchment area of approx. two driving hours.

Elysium Water Park is set to become a large, themed recreational pool featuring a number of water slides and other attractions, based on the model of existing state-of-the-art facilities such as Therme Erding and Therme Bucuresti, both developed by Germany’s Wund group. The total investment for the water park is estimated at a volume of up to 87 million Euros (75 million British Pounds) and according to initial consultant’s evaluations, it could attract between 570,000 and 920,000 guests annually in its first years of operation. Elysium Water Park could open its gates in 2023. (eap)