28 Nov 2019

Germany’s Europa-Park Celebrates Grand Opening of Rulantica Water World

Following a construction period of over two years, Germany’s Europa-Park Rust celebrates its grand opening of the new indoor water world Rulantica today with more than 600 guests (also read our project report in EAP issue 6/2017). With a high investment volume of around 180 million euros for the development of the new 450,000 square metre large indoor water world, this is the highest investment of Europa-Park, which is operated by the Mack family, to date. The 32,600 square metre large indoor pool landscape offers a total of 25 water attractions (including 17 water slides). In addition to the waterpark, Europa-Park opened the four star superior hotel Krønasår back in May (cf. EAP news f. 24 May 2019).

“The expansion of our overall offering and the realisation of this unique water world are an important step towards securing our location. We can´t afford to stand still if we want the region to remain attractive for visitors who come from further afield. This lighthouse project doesn´t only give positive impulses for the development of tourism, it also creates 550 new jobs together with hotel ‘Krønasår’ and improves the leisure value for the local community,“ comments Roland Mack, owner of Europa-Park Rust.

For more information about Rulantica, don’t  our featured story in our upcoming issue 1/2020. (eap)