02 Jan 2020

China: New Sky Tower Landmark Attraction at Changsha OCT Window of the World Now Open

OCT Group’s Window of the World theme park in Changsha, which was opened in 1997, recently expanded its line-up of experiences and attractions by the addition of a Sky Tower from German manufacturer Huss Park Attractions. Up to 70 persons can board the tower’s cabin, which is completely closed and equipped with panoramic windows and an audio system. The ascent in the air-conditioned cabin goes up to a height of 80 meters, the tower reaches 120 meters in total. On arriving at its maximum height, the gondola completes a full circle around the tower structure before beginning its descent – the hourly capacity of the tower is approx. 1,400 passengers. There are no age restrictions for the attraction, also it can be used by guests with disabilities and in wheel chairs.

“OCT is a loyal, long-standing customer of Huss Park Attractions and we enjoy an excellent relationship with the company. We are very happy to have opened the Sky Tower at Changsha OCT Window of the World which provides the park with a stunning new landmark attraction suitable for all guests,” comments Huss CEO Mirko J. Schulze. The Sky Tower is one of Huss’ most popular attractions – the first attraction of this kind was built in 1987. (eap)