20 Mar 2020

Netherlands: Wildlands Adventure Zoo Expands its Educational Program

Netherland’s Wildlands Adventure Zoo in Emmen recently signed a cooperation agreement with IVN Natuureducatie (an institution for nature education based in the Netherlands), in order to further expand its existing educational program. IVN will be Wildland’s official education partner in the next four years. Currently, the zoo already has three new education projects for students of secondary level in the “pipeline”, including a program that will focus on informing young people about the preservation and protection of rhinos and their menace due to poaching in Africa. In addition, the park will develop an education centre (“Savannah-Lodge“) in its “Serenga“ area, which will be dedicated to nature conservation. Furthermore, a new classroom for interactive biology is set to open soon in the “Nortica” area, enabling kids to do their own research projects.

Erik van Engelen, director of Wildlands Adventure Zoo, is pleased about the new agreement: “I am very happy about the cooperation with IVN. Thanks to it, we will be able to add even more content to our nature education program and thus come closer to our mission to impart love for nature to children.“ Mark Tuit, director IVN Noord, adds: “With all the plans that Wildlands has, I see many opportunities in the field of education. We as IVN are very pleased about the cooperation with Wildlands and we’re sure we will be able to support each other in many ways in the coming years.“ The common objective is to draw around 30,000 students to the adventure zoo each year. (eap)