22 Apr 2020

Canada: Vantage Offers Contact Tracing Solutions During COVID-19 Pandemic

Vantage, the technology platform launched by Canadian slide manufacturer WhiteWater West in 2018, enables operators of water parks and other leisure facilities to collect real-time data on their guests through the use of intelligent wristbands and evaluate the information in order to further optimize the visitor experience. Now the company offers its tracing software also to facilities outside the leisure business in order to help control the visitor flow and detect possible “contact hot spots”.

Whether it be a long-term care facility, daycare, warehouse, work camp or other type of operation, the Vantage technology provides an insight into interpersonal interactions. Other features include alerts when wristbands have entered an unauthorized zone and real-time location finding. The installation of mobile apps on the smartphone is not necessary to use the Vantage platform. (eap)