11 May 2020

Spain/Oman: Amusement Logic Develops New Waterpark Project

© Amusement LogicIn order to create an economic income in Oman alongside the country’s main income, the export of oil and gas, a large number of profitable new projects are being developed in the country on the Persian Gulf. One of these major projects is a 1.5 square kilometers large leisure and tourism area near the capital Muscat. The Spanish architecture company Amusement Logic, which specializes in the leisure industry, has now been awarded the contract for the development of a water park located in this area. The Hayy A’Sharq Water Park will be a unique water adventure park, which will be aimed at families, covering an area of around 70,000 square meters.

On the part of the company it says: “We’re undertaking the work with BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodology, as well as taking into account other important needs, for example, that the park must have a direct entrance and be connected with one of the complex’s hotels; or that it’s imperative the design addresses safety and maintenance issues; or that it allows and facilitates access for visitors with physical or visual disabilities. On the other hand, we’re also complying with the need to design the installation within the investment budget limits set by the developer. [...]“ (eap)