16 Jun 2020

Netherlands: Lagotronics Projects Develops Multi-Level VR Experience for Kaisa Golden Bay Resort

Lagotronics Projects – the Dutch specialists for interactive and immersive visitor experiences – just announced one of the biggest projects in their company‘s history. The company will develop a multi-level interactive VR experience for the Kaisa Golden Bay Resort leisure and vacation complex, which is currently developed by the Chinese Kaisa Group Holding LTD investment company. In the interactive VR experience, guests will need to act as a team in order to complete missions. During the final phase of the game, players will be surprised by several futuristic themed VR “Speeders“ installed on motion-based platforms.

Lagotronics Projects is the main contractor and will be responsible for technical design to storyline, including media development as well as production and installation of the interactive systems. Furthermore, Kaisa Golden Bay Resort, which is located on the Dapeng peninsula (Southeast of Shenzhen) on a groundspace of some 1.5 million square metres, will include five innovative entertainment pavilions, five luxury hotels, three eco-parks, a theater, a stadium, commercial streets and luxury apartments. (eap)